Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #70

CD 1 :
Finally Free Intro / New Millennium
The Mirror
Lie (w/ Tool jam)
Through My Words
Fatal Tragedy
Blind Faith
Lifting Shadows Off a Dream

CD 2 :
Beyond This Life
Hollow Years
Lines in the Sand

CD 3 :
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence:
1. Overture (orchestra-only intro tape)
2.   About to Crash
3.   War Inside My Head
4.  The Test That Stumped Them All
5.  Goodnight Kiss
6.  Solitary Shell
7.  About to Crash (reprise)
8.  Losing Time/Grand Finale
9 .  The Spirit Carries On
10 .  Children of the Damned (Iron Maiden)
11 .  Learning to Live

Source : Permission Granted
Audio Imaging : SAB Recordings
Covers by : Gergely Szabolcs

Original Lie
Remastered Lie

Member sign up : 9/8/06
Tree Closes : 9/23/06
Population Expected By : 11/23/06

Dream Theater
“Six Degrees Of Damnation”
November 3, 2002
Ahoy-Hallen – Rotterdam, Netherlands


A few scattered instances of phasing. Not distracting

1 second (or less) of hum was introduced into the master during Goodnight Kiss.  It has been reduced some on this version, but could not be totally eliminated because if it was, there would be NO bass.

Originally released as “Rotterdamned” on silver CDs from Metal-For-Nations, as good as it sounded for an audience boot, I knew it could fly with a little love. Two years later, we’re here. Since becoming a GDTer, I’ve been awaiting the release of a complete SDoIT show from either Ytsejam Records or from GDT for sometime.  Not knowing if this was ever going to happen, and having this show in the boot box, I figured I’d take a stab at it.

This show, as with most audience (non GDT) shows, suffers from the ‘where in the fuck are the middle frequencies?’ and the ‘where the fuck is the volume’ syndrome.  It had a lot of potential, but really lacked in this area.  The frequency levels were evened out with a 31 band EQ.  A layer of compression along with the Waves L2 were used to bring up the levels to a DT worthy din.  (It’s still not loud enough for me, but hey, I’m still learning.)

Weymo and another member tracked down the original taper (who would like to remain anonymous) to get his permission for the reissue, and permission was granted. Thank you to the original taper of this recording!

That’s it.  I get a lot of enjoyment from listening to this gig, as it covers most of DT’s catalog in fine shape.  ‘Lie’ and ‘Blind Faith’ are real standouts, and the complete version of SDoIT from that tour was a wish fulfilled.  (A top prog epic IMHO.)  Glean from this what you need.  If you need any further info, I’ll be in and out of this room all night.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.



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