Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #50

CD 1 :

New Millennium
Beyond This Life
Hollow Years

CD 2 :

Lines In The Sand (Demo Version)
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Your Majesty
Learning to Live

Recorded by : Vamp Records
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Covers by :Rai Beardsley


Sign up : 9/1/05
Tree Closes : 9/16/05
Population Expected By / Public Release : 11/15/05

Dream Theater
October 23rd, 2002
Mutualite – Paris, France

"Majestic Paris"

Less than a second of diginoise occurs around the 11:5 3 mark of Instrumedley.
Noticeable phasing at 7: 30 of Lines In The Sand.


Originally released as a limited edition of 8 copies only, Mike wanted to save Your Majesty for one of the Ytsejam Records releases so the only ones who got it were the taper, a few select members of the staff here, Ytsehop, Ed Polzin, Your Majesty Fan Club's Sebastien Demay, and Mike himself.

After discussing our 50th release with Mike and trying to decide which one to pull off the shelf, we decided on this one. The quality is very excellent and other than the above mentioned people, it is an uncirculated source remastered by Drahma back in 2003. (Original CAT# was GDT-RND10) When the Ytsejam Records release of this song does become available (who knows when that will be!!!) it will be an improvement over what is circulating (sbd v/s aud = no real comparrison.)

For the first time in 15 years, the Majesty Demo song "Your Majesty" is dug out of the closet in dedication to the staff of the Your Majesty (The Official French Fan Club) to encore an excellent show with an amazing setlist including the demo version (live) of Lines In The Sand. The complete 6 Degrees Of Inner Turbulence fills most of the second disc.

Martjin, Drahma and I are very happy to be bringing this off our shelves and upgrading the alternate sources of the show that are currently circulating in the Dream Theater community!

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