Grateful Dreams Collectors Series #1

CD #1:

Pull Me Under

Strange Deja-Vu
War Inside My Head / TTTSTA
The Great Debate

CD #2:

Peruvian Skies
The Spirit Carries On
Take The Time

Cover & Layout by Weymolith
Photos - Andrew Coutermarsh - Frank Dupouis
"The Canadian Tragedy" - By Steve Godbout

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Member sign up : 6/1/03
Tree Closes : 6/8/03
Public Release : 7/1/03

Dream Theater - 9/01/2002 - Audio 2CD -  L'agora du Vieux Port - Quebec City, Quebec - Canada

Comments on the audio : The audio on this bootleg is not the greatest and I want that to be made clear right up front. It is a raw audiance recording, and it sounds like it was made from pretty far back. I have no information on the equipment used and the taper hasn't come forward with this information and would like to remain anonymous. This recording has not been altered in any way from the master recording I received although attempts were made to improve upon it, only to make it worse. Attempts were made at aqcuiring an alternate source, but after a month of waiting my emails went unanswered.

The show is complete, and from a collectors (or a Canadians) viewpoint I'm sure will be a must have. I have decided to release this via a trading tree because initial response merited distributing it to more than just a small handful of people. Due to the low quality of the sound, I am asking that MP3 files of this not be made available as it might render them unlistenable. Included above are 2 brief samples so that you may determine for yourself if you want it. They are encoded at 256kbs MP3 (CD QUALITY) but many of you are familiar with loss compression in certain ranges. The CD will sound "a little" better than this. I have included the opening to '6:00' because I feel it represents a 'good' sounding portion of the show (but you can hear how the distortion to the sound kicks in as everyone joins the song) as well as a sample about 30 seconds into TTTSTA so that you can hear a 'poor' sounding portion (the taper may have shifted position and muffled the mic with something, or being an outdoor venue, wind is always a consideration) - The sound varies throughout.

Based on a grading curve against the bootlegs in my collection, I would give this a listenable "Audiance Source - Rated D" - I made it through the entire thing and will listen again.

A lot of love went into this bootleg's art, and thanks to Andrew Coutermarsh and Frank Dupouis, stunning pictures from the actual show were implemented into the entire spread, as well as a wonderful article regarding The Canadian Tragedy, by founder Dr. Steve Godbout to fill out the inside booklet. No CD Labels were made for this release. However, there's a rumor floating around here of alternate book pages filled with more pictures that were scrapped due to size constraints (who wants to download 10megs of covers? 5 is bad enough) and respect to peoples ink cartridges. In the future, as time allows me to add the finishing touches, these pages will become available if demand is warrented.

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