Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #82

CD 1 : 8/8/2002
Take the Time
Fatal Tragedy
Lie (w/ Tool Jam)
Peruvian Skies
The Spirit Carries On
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

CD 2 : 8/9/2002
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Burning My Soul
Another Hand/ The Killing Hand
The Spirit Carries On
Pull Me Under

CD 3 : 8/10/2002
New Millennium
The Great Debate
Lines in the Sand
The Spirit Carries On
Solitary Shell
Learning to Live

Source : BobS - 8/8 & Scott Hansen 8/9 - 8/10
Audio Imaging : BobS
Covers by : Amy Baranoski

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Tree Closes : 5/20/07
Population By / Public Release: 7/20/07

Dream Theater
"3 Degrees Of Live Tourbulence"
August 8, 2002 / Dodge Theater - Phoenix AZ
August 9, 2002 / Humphrey's By The Bay - San Diego CA
August 10, 2002 / The Greek Theater - Los Angeles CA




8/8/2002 : Very low circulation in a raw (unremastered) format.
This show was part of the Kings X – Satriani summer tour. This is the first night of the tour. DT had some minor problems, but nothing like their stop on the first leg of the tour where they had just played in Mexico and their gear was held up at the border and almost caused the show to be cancelled. SDOIT was played partly as a makeup for the other show. You will hear an extended intro to Goodnight Kiss as JP had troubles with the double neck. Due to the fact that they played a bit long (82:00) I did 2 edits within the show to keep it to one disc. The first being further editing of the taped intro to Overture and the second editing down Jordan’s last note of Grand Finale, both of which are invisible to the ear. Overall a good sounding show.

8/9/2002 : Previously circulated as “The Smoke Inside My Head” – This is an all new remaster from the source DAT.
Second night of the tour, a small outdoor venue that has sound level restrictions. Due to the lack of volume the sound of this show almost has a small club sound (not in a bad way) the only thing lacking is the booming bass that DT normally generates. The band appears to be in much better spirits than the night before, especially JLB’s comments about the barbeque stand just to the side of the stage. The edited version of Home is very interesting the intro sounds very much like “More Human, Than Human” by Rob Zombie. Also we get the treat of the warped version of “Pull Me Under.”

8/10/2002 : Previously Uncirculated Source.
Night Three of the tour. This time in a large outdoor venue. Again there are sound restrictions but not as bad as the night before. Another very spirited show. Tonight we are treated with a guest appearance by Doug Pinnick of Kings X during a heavily edited version of “Lines In The Sand.”


8/8/02 : Other than the aforementioned editing of the taped intro to Oveture and the final note of Losing Time / Grand Finale to allow the show to fit on one CD, there are no anomalies.


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