Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #78

CD 1 :
Finally Free outro (intro tape)
The Glass Prison
Strange Deja Vu
Burning My Soul (original 96 version)
Another Hand/
The Killing Hand
Lie (w/ Tool Jam)

CD 2 :
The Great Debate
Peruvian Skies
Pull Me Under
The Spirit Carries On

Source : “World Tourbulence 2002 In Bologna”
Audio Imaging : CH
Covers by : Rai Beardsley - Image Licenses Paid

Member sign up : 2/3/07
Tree Closes : 2/18/07
Population By / Public Release: 4/18/07

Dream Theater
"Last Night In Italy”
February 16, 2002
Palasavena – Bologna, Italy



When CH mentioned to me that his most recent remastering project was an A quality show from Italy, I couldn’t help being skeptical. The Italian audiences for Dream Theater are known to sing along with songs to the point of making the band inaudible; even chanting with the instrumental sections. Of course, this reflects their great enthusiasm for Dream Theater music but it also means that there are only a handful of listenable shows from Italy, most coming from the tapers who work with Soundboard Productions.

I have now listened to this remaster and have to say, this show is ON, and when I say ON, I mean ON THE HILL AND OVER THE TOP!

The quality is awesome. CH has done some great work on this show. The band is clearly represented and all instruments are audible, including the backup over-processed vocals on Burning My Soul ’96. The crowd sounds distant, as if this was taped from the front of the venue. There are no singers, screamers (with an exception in Home), or other annoyances anywhere near the taper. The only time you hear any talking is during breaks between songs, the beginning of The Spirit Carries On, and a whistle during The Great Debate. All of these appear to have been sharply reduced by CH’s work. I do hear singing from the crowd during Lie but only when the audience is prompted by James. The crowd also sings along with The Spirit Carries On, which only adds to the emotion of that song.

There are few shows from 2002 that I revisit: 6 Degrees Below Zero, 6 Degrees Of Damnation, and Majestic Paris. This show I have listened to 3 times in the last 2 days. It’s that good!

The source for this show was a Black Knight release “World Tourbulence 2002 In Bologna.” I’ve compared the recordings and this one has been greatly improved from the original release. CH has adjusted the tonality, reduced the audience noise greatly, and enhanced the dynamics, bringing the grade up to an A. We would not normally release this show, as it falls under our 4 year rule, but is a great improvement over the original and so we want to bring it to the GDT members. It is also a February show, so the time is right (for dancing in the streets.)

The artwork theme features licensed images of the Clock Tower of D'Accursio Palace (town hall), Sotto portici next to Torri degli Asinelli, Sotto portici at strada maggiore, and the parabolic antenna of Medicina – Bologna. (It was better to pay for the license for the images than to have a picture of a Bologna sandwich on the cover.

Later this month, we hope to be bringing out an under-circulated I&W show, or maybe something even more special.


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