Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #R44

CD 1 :

 1. Laura Palmer's Theme
 2. Regression
 3. Overture 1928
 4. Strange
 5. Through My Words
 6. Fatal Tragedy
 7. Beyond This Life
 8. Guitar Solo
 9. Through Her Eyes
10. Home
11. The Dance of Eternity part I
12. Keyboard Solo
13. The Dance of Eternity part II

CD 2 :

 1. One Last Time
 2. The Spirit Carries On
 3. Finally Free
Falling Into A Change O
f Awake Medley  
4. Puppies on Acid
 5. Innocence
 6. Just Let Me Breathe
 7. Acid Rain
 8. Caught in a New Millenium
 9. Peruvian Skies
10. Dr. Evil Theme
11. Erotomania
12. Paradigm Shift
When Images & Words Unite Medley

13. Pull Me Under
14. Under a Glass Moon
15. A Fortune in Lies
16. Only a Matter of Time
17. Take the Time

Recorded by : Unknown
Audio Imaging : Chris Hughes
Covers by : Erik Muna

Member sign up : 5/17/05
Tree Closes : 6/1/05
Public Availability : 8/1/05

Dream Theater
“Medley and Memory in Japan”
May 16 th, 2000
Shibuya Koukaido - Tokyo Japan

Okay, a few days past the 5th anniversary of this show, but still pretty much on time! This is one hell of a show! Not only was it the Metropolis 2000 tour, but this is one of the few nights that ALL the medley's current to this point were played. Worth the price of admission alone.

We do not know the original taper information, but Chris feltl that this recording needed vast improvements from how it was originally released and once he had completed it, approached GDT about releasing. We could not resist such a gem of a show. Now, with new artwork from Petfish, we feel this is the definitive version of this bootleg. Enjoy!


Comments on the audio : A
Get ready Dream Theater fans, because this is one hell of a show!!

This remaster started as the "Tokyo Live" bootleg. Once I heard it, I knew two things immediately: this was a great recording, and this needed some serious remastering. The end product is one of the best quality audience recordings of the 2000 tour I have ever heard. You would swear this was a soundboard if you did not hear the clapping. The acoustics are just perfect. The taper was close enough for great clarity but far enough away that you can appreciate the venue. The mix is great. Each instrument is heard well, at least after I balanced it a bit.


Clipping : The biggest problem was the clipping. This show was recorded "Hot." The microphones had no problem with the sound but the recorder overran the maximum range all over the place. Fortunately, this was easily corrected with standard algorithms.

Bass : As is frequently the case, the sub-bass was quite excessive and needed reduction. Further, the sub-bass overshadowed the other bass frequencies which needed a boost. Since the quality of the microphone's reproduction of the sound was so good these adjustments worked very well.

Dynamics : Since everything was recorded at such a high level, the original recording had little dynamic variability. I had to do quite a bit of adjusting to introduce normal peaks and valleys we expect in this show.

Hiss : Despite the quality of the equipment and probably because the recording was made at such a high volume, there was hiss in the quieter sections. I reduced this to allow the subleties of the music to be more appreciated.

Claps : The taper himself, or the guy next to him. I did my best to manually remove them.

Audience Volume : I attenuated the volume of the applause a bit so you would be blown out of your chair by the music, not the fans.

Tracking Corrections : Most of disc 2 was retracked so that the medleys are not grouped together as one individual track

I hope everyone has as much fun listening to it as I did remastering it. Truely one of the best DT audience recordings I have had the pleasure of working on.

~Chris Hughes 2005~

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