Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #60

CD 1 :
Overture 1928
Strange Deja-Vu
Through My Words
Fatal Tragedy
Beyond This Life
Guitar Solo
Through Her Eyes
The Dance Of Eternity Part 1
Keyboard Solo

CD 2 :
The Dance Of Eternity Part 2
One Last Time
The Spirit Carries On
Finally Free
Peruvian Skies

Dr. Evil Theme
Paradigm Shift

When Images & Words Unite Medley
Pull Me Under
Under A Glass Moon
A Fortune In Lies
Only A Matter Of Time
Take The Time
Outro Tape

Recorded by : No F'n Clue
Audio Imaging : Chris Hughes
Covers by : Steve Johnson


Sign up : 3/8/06
Tree Closes : 3/23/06
Population Expected By / Public Release : 5/23/06

Dream Theater
February 27 th 2000
The Roxy – Boston, MA
"Through My Wordsearch"


Slight phasing throughout - No other anamolies


This was a great remaster project. I started with the Boston Roxy show from 2-27-2000, using the second source that recently became available. If you have this show, you know that it suffers from many problems. I think I have addressed them all in the remaster process. The result is an (almost) flawless recording of Dream Theater. It is not as good as the gold standard for this 2000 tour – The Tokyo show (GDT-R44) but it is still very, very good. I can guarantee that your old version of this show does NOT sound like this one.

The first problem, even when listening to the show is quite obvious. The Regression monologue is so loud that it causes the recorder to suppress the rest of the show on Disc 1. There is a similar section of Disc 2 that is so loud; the rest of the recording is pushed down to a very low volume. Throughout the show there were other segments that had screwed up dynamics and needed adjustment as well. The recording also had no bass and other tonality problems/ The balance was off and the tracking was wrong. The reson the remaster turned out so well is because the recording quality was so good to begin with. I assume that the guy who recorded the 2002 Boston show I remastered last year (yet to be released by GDT) is the same guy who did this one. Very high quality recorder and mics must have been used.

The unique thing about this show is that it is the one where the final video segment of Nicolas did not play. James says
our first technical difficulty”

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