Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #21

1.  Laura Palmer's Theme (intro tape)
2.  Regression
3. Overture 1928
4 . Strange Deja Vu
5.  Through My Words
6.  Fatal Tragedy
7.  Beyond This Life
8.  Guitar Solo/Through Her Eyes *

1.  Home
2.  The Dance of Eternity (w/ keyboard solo)
3.  One Last time
4.  The Spirit Carries On
5.  Finally Free **
6.  Peruvian Skies ***
7. When Images And Words Unite ****

Recorded by : Prism Records
Audio Imaging : Matthew Johnston
Audio Patching : Philip Hopkinson
Covers by : Shaun Hawk
Tree Administration : Mark Flaugher

Cover Download Available 12/02/04

Member sign up : 11/17/2004
Tree Closes : 12/02/2004
Population Expected By : 01/15/2004

Dream Theater - January 31st, 2000
Celebrity Theater - Phoenix, AZ
"First On The Scene "

Grade on remastered DAT source : A-/B+ (97% of show)
Final Grade due to discrepancies in DAT source : B-/C+

Due to gaps in the DAT Source, this remaster has been patched from an alternate analogue source of this exact show. This alternate version is not in wide circulation due to numerous pops and clicks on the discs. The sections that we needed to fix our uncirculated copy were error free, and rather than the noticeable difference in sound quality, they at least provide us with the show in it’s entirety and what a show it was! The first time Metropolis Part 2 : Scenes From A Memory was played in it’s entirety in front of a live audience, and you can tell the crowd was into it (including Space Dye Vitch.)

Times for patches are noted below. We concentrated more on making the patches musically correct than attempting to make an analogue source sound like a digital source. You will notice the difference, but luckily the gaps in the DAT were brief, and we felt making the songs complete rather than leaving the silent interruptions in them would make it a more enjoyable listen. The final grade on this is a B- / C+ due to the corrections.


1) Opening of Overture 1928 distorts due to heavy bass for (est) 5 seconds.

2) You’ll want to kill the “Space Dye Vitch” during the Guitar Spot. Go have another drink Sweetie, you’re almost there. Someone hit her with a brick already?!?!?!

3) * Through Her Eyes : Patch occurs at 6:44 through 8:17 (end of song)

4) Home : MP decides to throw a choice “C” bomb in. You know the one.

5) ** Finally Free :1 second skip at 4:01 / Patch from 5:18 – 5:22 / Patch from 5:29 – 5:40

6) *** Peruvian Skies : Audio phasing – Presumably from taper moving

7) **** When Images & Words Unite : Audio phasing – Presumably from taper moving / Patch at 5:44 – 7:11 (End of UAGM -> AFIL)

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