Grateful Dreams Trading Tree #08


1. Speak To Me
2. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
3. Hey You
4. The Silent Man (electric version)
5. Where Are You Now?
6. Different Strings
7. Analog Kid
8. La Villa Strangiato
9. keyboard solo
10. Wait For Sleep
11. Since I've Been Loving You
12. Cover My Eyes
13. Take Away My Pain

14. Hell's Kitchen

01. Run Like Hell
02. The Way It Used To Be
03. Won't Get Fooled Again
04. Another Day
05. Hollow Years
06. Bad
07. Oh Holy Night
08. Paradigm Shift
09. Hot For Teacher
10. Ice Cream Man
11. Mean Streets
12. Cygnus X-1
13. Rock N' Roll
14. To Live Forever
15. Lines In The Sand (intro)
16. Perfect Strangers
17. Peruvian Skies (w/ Enter Sandman teaser)


8.40 (Printed CDRs) - US/CAN/MEX Shipping
$12.00 (Printed CDRs) - International
2 for 1 Blanks And Postage



01. Cover My Eyes
02. Speak To Me
03. Different Strings
04. Since I've Been Loving You
(From 12/26/98)

05. Eve
06. Wait For Sleep
07. Moby Dick
08. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
09. Sea Of Antiquity
10. Anna Lee
11. Perfect Strangers
(From 12/27/98)

15. Hell's Kitchen
16. The Way It Used To Be
17. Another Day
18. Hot For Teacher
19. Mean Streets
20. Ice Cream Man
21. Paradigm Shift
(From 12/29/98)

*Bonus Disc Tracking In Off From The Cover Art*


Cover Art :
Scott Hansen

Live Photos :
Christina Ricciardi

Audio Imaging :
Matthew Johnston

Cover Printing :
Philip Hopkinson

Tree Closed :

Public Trading :

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Not To Be Converted
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Dream Theater -12/30/98 - Audio 3CD -  The Chance- Poughkeepsie, NY

THE STORY BEHIND 5DiaL : By Scott Hansen / Additions by Rai Beardsley

THIS RELEASE : The intent of this release is to document the shows that Dream Theater did in December of 1998. This series of shows continues the "Home for the Holidays" tradition that the band began back in 1995. One of the reasons why these shows were very special is that they were "pseudo-unplugged" - just as the fan-club gig in Rotterdam, Holland (played earlier in the year) was. What this meant was simply a way for the band play in a relaxed atmosphere, without the expectations of a "rock concert." This meant, among other things, that the band played their mellower songs along with some mellow covers (no "balls 'n' chunk" here kids) and Mike Portnoy played his smaller kit, which was positioned close to the edge of the stage.

Although unknown to the fans at the time, these shows also marked the last time that Derek played with Dream Theater in a live setting.

THE TRACKLISTING : Instead of having equal amounts of each show, it was found that the Poughkeepsie show had the longest setlist, best performance and sound, and so it was decided that the entire show would be used for the original release of 5DiaL. Then, tracks not played at Poughkeepsie were added from the other holiday shows, and finally, duplicate tracks were added where there was a difference between it and the Poughkeepsie track or due to its rareness.

THE WAIT : Originally intended as a Scarred Records release in 2000, Scott Hansen lovingly created a beautiful 16 page cover package with original artwork/photography from the actual shows, as well as extensive liner notes. The project was shelved after the taper (and his untouched master recording) dropped off the face of the earth. The Poughkeepsie show sat in the hands of 3 people for 3 years with a Do Not Distribute sticker on it, and became one of the most requested and sought after bootlegs of Dream Theater's career.

Now, for the Holiday 2003 season (the 5th anniversary of this show), Grateful Dreams Trading would like to offer you this amazing package, complete with the original artwork prepared by Scott. Freshly remastered by our audio magician Matthew Johnston, and sporting the third disc with the bonus material from the best possible source recordings, we are very pleased to be the ones to get this show out to the public.

THE CATCH : While some in the DT trading community may frown upon a price tag finally ending up on one of GDT's releases, due to concerns over bootleg manufacturers getting the electronic files of the original 16 page booklet, mass duplicating silvers and covers, and then take you to the cleaners on Ebay.... there will be some special circumstances to getting the original artwork. You will will need to register for this artwork and it will be personalized and mailed to you. Due to the extensive coloring and number of pages, we will be asking a reasonable fee to cover the cost of printing these out and mailing them (PROFESSIONALLY PRINTED in the UK and shipped to us in the states! This is not a 'home printing' job) - A paypal account will be set up for easy payment options, and alternate cover art will be made available for those not interested in paying for the booklet.

The show is complete, and includes a disc of bonus material

Based on a grading curve against the bootlegs in my collection, I would give this a listenable "Audiance Source - Rated A"

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