Grateful Dreams Remastered Series #110


Speak To Me
Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
Hey You (Pink Floyd)
The Silent Man
Cover My Eyes
Rush Medley (False Start)
Rush Medley (Different Strings/ Analog Kid/ La Villa Strangiato)
Wait For Sleep
Since I’ve Been Loving You (Led Zeppelin)


Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John)
Anna Lee
Hollow Years
Take Away My Pain
Hell’s Kitchen
The Way It Used To Be
Bad (U2)
Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple)
Oh Holy Night (traditional)
To Live Forever


Audio Source : Uncle Fred
Mastering :BobS
Artwork : Robert Medina


Sign up : 11/8/08
Tree Closes : 11/23/08
Population Expected By / Public Release : 1/23/09

“Infinate Holidaze”
December 27, 1998
The Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA


GRADE : A- / B+


As far as the recording it’s self, much like an onion, once you peel off the skin you get to the good stuff. In the end it turns out very nice, ranges from B+ to A+ The phase corrector was working overtime on this show. At a couple of points I heard what sounds like compression pumping, but it’s phase correction. I only heard this on my main monitors and not on any other system, so it’s minor and better than what was there. ~BobS

Of “The Intimate Evening” shows, I find this show to be very interesting. I wouldn’t call this show a train wreck, but it is very loose. There were a number of miscues. In the Rush medley JP screws up the intro and James lets him have it. MP then starts Cygnus X-1 and JP and JM join right in. Also a number of snippets make it into the set. After SIBLY MP breaks into Moby Dick. After Hollow Years MP and JP going into Rock and Roll, then into Hot For Teacher. Perfect Strangers…well you just have to listen.


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