Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #104

CD 1 :

A Clockwork Orange intro tape
Lines in the Sand
Burning My Soul
Hollow Years
Puppies on Acid
Just Let Me Breathe
Everybody Wants Some (Van Halen) - Tease
Peruvian Skies
Pull Me Under
Take Away My Pain

CD 2 :

The Darkest of Winters
New Millennium
Lie segment
The Crimson Sunset
Metropolis Part 1


Recorded by : Belexes
Audio Imaging : CH
Covers by : Robert Medina / R. Beardsley

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Tree Closes : 8/14/08
Population Expected By : 10/14/08

Dream Theater
November 3, 1997
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI


Lines In The Sand : Brief drop out from 1:20.65 to 1:21.05 (less than a second)

Here's an excellent recording from the first American leg of the FII tour in 1997. We have researched all the regular channels as well as asked the taper of this show, and we're pretty secure in saying that this is a never before circulated recording, directly from the master. In addition, there doesn't seem to be any additional sources for this show. So you're hearing it here first at Grateful Dreams!

Thanks to Belexes for offering us his recording, and to CH for an excellent mastering job! This was a breath of fresh air after all the recent Chaos In Motion tour shows we've been working on, listening to, and circulating.


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