Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #31

CD 1 : 57:04
A Clockwork Orange (intro tape) 1:56
Lines in the Sand 12:51
Under a Glass Moon 8:27
Burning My Soul 5:49
Voices 10:45
Take Away My Pain 7:26
Puppies on Acid/ 1:28
Innocence 2:59
Just Let Me Breathe 5:23

CD 2: 1:02:35
Peruvian Skies 7:25
Pull Me Under 8:33
Scarred/ 11:11
The Darkest of Winters/ 3:10
Ytsejam (w/ drum solo)/ 5:29
New Millennium/ 10:07
The Crimson Sunset
(w/ AFIL and Lie teasers) 2:53
Metropolis Part I 13:46

Recorded by : Bob Brandt
Audio Imaging : C. Hughes
Covers by : Yudhi Sutjiawan

Tree Administration : Mark Flaugher


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Dream Theater 10/27/97 - 2 CDR - Odeon Cleveland, OH
Previously Uncirculated
"Stainless Eyes"

Comments on the audio :

The show is complete (with one patch used from 10/29/97 to correct an error in Puppies On Acid)
The first of the uncirculating tapes becomes a reality! This show was sourced from cassette but it's a little hard to tell. Multiple techniques were used to remove the hiss and and other noises and it sounds great!

This is the 3rd night of the American tour for Falling Into Infinity and the boys are in top form.

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