Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #84

CD 1 :
Intro / Pull Me Under
Take The Time
Caught In A Web / Drum Solo
Lifting Shadows Off A Dream

CD2 :
Awake Jam / A Crack In The Mirror
The Mirror
Another Day
The Silent Man
Metropolis Pt. 1

Source : Mark Balogh
Audio Imaging : BobS
Covers by : Amy Baranoski

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Tree Closes : 6/29/07
Population By / Public Release: 8/30/07

Dream Theater
“Caught In The Rave”
November 4, 1994
The Rave - Milwaukee, WI


Bob has once again taken a heavily flawed cassette source and made something very listenable out of it. Problems during Pull Me Under with volume fluxuations occuring, once you get past that track, the true enjoyment kicks in!

This show was an absolute bear for remastering. In the cassette days tape flips were a frequent problem as they were usually done very quickly and the machines of the day rarely had the same tape positions after the flip causing varying frequency response, as is the case with this show. With each section it was like a different show. Initial process of bringing up and level matching was done. After light noise reduction to get the major hiss, in the quieter sections of this show you will hear a bit of tape hiss. Removing any more of the hiss started getting into the highs of the show so it was left as is. I spot noise reduced wherever possible. There were also areas of ground noise that was removed. Heavy use of the harmonic balancer was required to do the final EQ’ing to get this to sound like one show. For it’s age a pretty sweet recording.

Just at the beginning and end of tapes there is frequency pumping. The worst of it is in “Pull Me Under”. There are also some areas where the vocals are not way out front, but I believe that this came from the PA, as in these areas the sound quality of the instruments did not change.


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