Grateful Dreams Remastered Series #143


Pull Me Under
Innocence Faded
Take The Time
Caught In A Web
Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
The Ones Who Help Set The Sun


The Mirror
Another Day
The Silent Man

Audio Source : TAC
Mastering : BobS
Artwork : R. Beardsley
Photos : Used Under Stock License

Sign up : 10/12/11
Tree Closes : 10/27/11
Population Expected By / Public Release :1/1/12

"Caught In A Second Night Awake"
October 21, 1994
Berklee School Of Music Performance Center - Boston, MA


A very strong performance from the early days. The second performance with Derek. This was a home coming for everyone except James. Before Innocence Faded James mistakenly introduces Caught In A Web.
As far as the mastering on this, it was quite a nightmare to remember. Transfer was done from the master cassette. The quality of the recording was very much on par for this era. A lot of time was spent de-hissing and balancing the four sides of the cassettes. It was quite normal to have different sound qualities on each tape flip, as was the case here. I first lined up all four files side by said and pre- eqed to get a close balance. After that, a single whole file was created for the main EQ. This also meant making gap fills to create the single file. After the main EQ was complete the show was tracked. Next, was phase correction of the individual files. Then a few of the songs needed pitch correction to adjust for weakening batteries. Next I put in some aural exciter to give the tracks some presence. The final step was in-song  Eqing to adjust for cassette tracking errors. The only very rough track is Erotomania.
I believe you will agree this is an exponential improvement over previous versions available at this time.

Audible audience singing during Take The Time / The Mirror / Voices / Metropolis (also exists on all previously circulating versions.)
Taper audible between Voices & The Silent Man (also exists on all previously circulating versions.)


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