Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #81

CD 1 :
Metropolis Pt.1
Mission Impossible
Under A Glass Moon
Wait For Sleep
Puppies On Acid
Take The Time

CD 2 :
To Live Forever
Another Day
Only A Matter Of Time / March Of The Tyrant
Pull Me Under
Learning To Live

Source : Mark Balogh
Audio Imaging : BobS
Cover Art : Amy Baranoski

Member sign up : 4/14/07
Tree Closes : 4/29/07
Population By / Public Release: 6/29/07

Dream Theater
"Marching In Time"
November 7th 1993
Longhorn – Stuttgart, Germany




This at first appeared to be a slam dunk remaster. At closer inspection this turned out to be a very interesting job. There are four distinctly different sounds to this set, I can only attribute it to tape flips and the cassette not seating the same way. Much was done to get the sound to be from one concert and source. Other anomalies included ground hum (which was removed), tape hiss (which was minimized), and over biasing that left a very distinct mark at around 16k (which was also removed). A killer setlist none the less.

Brief dropout at 3:50 of Surrounded.

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