Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #79

CD 1 :
Metropolis Part I
Under a Glass Moon
A Fortune in Lies
Wait for Sleep
Puppies on Acid
Take the Time

CD 2 :
To Live Forever
Drum Solo
Status Seeker
Another Day
Pull Me Under
Learning to Live

Source : Mark Balogh
Audio Imaging : BobS
Covers by : Steve Johnson

Member sign up : 2/22/07
Tree Closes : 3/9/07
Population By / Public Release: 5/9/07

Dream Theater
June 30, 1993
The Orpheum, Green Bay Wisconsin




Metropolis is patched at 3:46 from 3-4-93
This release took quite a bit of time. Mostly for noise reduction that was used in varying degrees throughout, but was not overused. You will still hear some tape hiss, removing all of it took out useable highs. This recording also suffered from ground noise and it’s harmonics, which was removed. For some reason levels were constantly shifting throughout both up and down and from left to right, which has also been corrected. The end result is a very listenable almost 14 year old show.

This show is not known to circulate on CD and was converted from 1st Gen Maxell XL II cassettes. A great listen, and one that I'm sure I'll listen to again. Bob made the patch in Metropolis Pt 1 fit perfectly and while I can tell there is a patch there, it is mixed to sound the same as the actual show. I recenly played the second disc on Rad I/O Wey'ves and listeners were saying it sounded great.

A rather small attendence at this show, James alludes to there only being about 300 people in the audience.

Patch at 3:46 in Metropolis Pt1


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