Grateful Dreams Remasters Series #76

CD 1 :

Metropolis Part I
Under a Glass Moon
Only a Matter of Time
Pull Me Under
Ytsejam (w/ drum solo)
Moon Bubbles
Another Day/
Another Hand/
The Killing Hand
Take the Time

CD 2 :

Wait For Sleep (w/ keyboard intro)
Learning to Live



Source : Mark Balogh
Audio Imaging : BobS
Covers by : Gergely Szabolcs

Member sign up : 1/1/07
Tree Closes :1/15/07
Population By / Public Release: 3/15/07

Dream Theater
“Metropolis Surrounds Me”
September 29, 1992
Chestnut Cabaret – Philadelphia, PA


James’s 6th show with Dream Theater, and the second show of the Images & Tour 1st American leg. Previously uncirculated on CD. This comes from a low-gen cassette source so some analog hiss is present. As always, we’ve cleaned it up as much as possible to make it an enjoyable experience. Even though this show isn't the greatest quality, we feel that is above a "C" and therefore, a GDT-R release. I enjoyed it.

The show starts out very muddy and almost inaudible. It begins to clear up as the first verse of Metropolis hits.

There are points in the show where James is drowned out by the instruments.

Taper discussion of a tape switch at the very beginning of Moonbubbles. The tape switch itself does not appear to lose anything other than the crowd applause at the end of the drum solo.

There is some crowd noise scattered throughout, as well as certain points of phasing. The phasing is most noticeable in Another Day.

There is some great bonus content on this CD, including a private in home interview with Mike Portnoy circa 1990 that is sure to leave you laughing!

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